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Since 2017, SPEO CO., LTD. started in the straddle carrier industry and launched products and solutions such as straddle carriers, automatic container dumping machines, and fully automatic coal unloading systems with independent​​​​ intellectual property rights.SPEO is fully connected with ports, Non-standard customization requirements for material handling equipment from docks to factories.The company's R&D team actively challenges new scenarios and new heights. Its comprehensive strength has ...
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70T Electric Straddle Carrier Red Container Lifting Vehicle For Oversized Heavy Loads

Keywords:Container Lifting Vehicle

Product Name Name:70T Electric Straddle Carrier For Oversized Heavy Loads

Type:Electric Straddle Carrier

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Heavy Lifting Mobile Gantry Crane 60T Precast Concrete Straddle Carrier

Name:Mobile Gantry Crane Heavy Lifting Precast Concrete Straddle Carrier

Safe Working Load:60T

Power Type:Diesel/Battery

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40T Mobile Gantry Crane Shipping Container For Lifting Oversized Products

Keywords:Mobile Gantry Crane

Product Name Name:40T Mobile Gantry Crane For Lifting Oversized Products

Type:Mobile Gantry Crane

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Mobile Workshop Gantry Crane , Container Gantry Crane Manufacturers

Name:Portable Gantry Heavy Lifting Precast Concrete Straddle Carrier

Safe Working Load:60T-200T

Power Type:Diesel/Battery

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Shaoguang Li——Logistic Manager
2023-05-22 11:24:09
SPEO straddle carrier has freed us from multiple operation coodinations when we need to move our energy storage containers from factory to our stock yard then to the delivery truck. One machine could handle them all! We sincerely thank SPEO Co., Ltd. for their great product!
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SPEO SC, safe and convinient, with extreme performance
SPEO SC, safe and convinient, with extreme performance
With the development of the container transportation industry, some advanced container handling machinery and equipment came into being. The SPEO container straddle carrier has many uses, flexible maneuverability, quick container alignment, and high loading and unloading efficiency. It can not only lift and unload, but also horizontally transport short distances.   In recent years, SPEO container straddle carriers have been widely used in various fields.   The container straddle carriers produced by SPEO Co., Ltd. are powered by efficient diesel-electric units and feature excellent maneuverability, good maneuverability and easy maintenance. A spacious, ergonomic cab and an intuitive user interface ensure operators benefit from an optimal driving experience that helps increase productivity.   Hydraulic steering system for excellent control of the machine touching the driving surface and loading and unloading containers. The steering system precisely aligns the wheels, ensuring directional stability and reducing tire wear.   The quality and safety of the whole hoisting process are controllable, and the operation is more economical than the reach stacker. Equipped with a dedicated spreader, it is more convenient and flexible to use, and the lifting and handling efficiency is greatly improved. In addition, the whole machine can also be equipped with an anti-collision system and a 360 panoramic imaging system to ensure safe and reliable driving operations.   And it can be customized according to customer needs, tailor-made to meet the solutions of different scenarios. The SPEO container straddle carrier is safe and convenient, with extreme performance. Let it handle all the loading and unloading of containers in logistics companies, warehouses, terminals, container yards, freight yards, dangerous goods and other places!
What is the advantages of SPEO electric straddle carrier
What is the advantages of SPEO electric straddle carrier
At present, "carbon neutrality" has become a global consensus, and the pace of my country's low-carbon energy transformation is accelerating. The key is to improve the development and use efficiency of renewable energy, which happens to be in line with the development path of electric vehicles.   Compared with traditional fuel straddle carriers, let's take a look at what are the most intuitive advantages of SPEO electric straddle carriers?   1. More environmentally friendly: SPEO electric container straddle carriers have zero emissions and are powered by rechargeable batteries. Compared with diesel-powered straddle carriers, they are a more environmentally friendly choice.   2. Lower operating costs: Compared with diesel-powered straddle carriers, although the purchase cost of SPEO electric container straddle carriers is slightly higher, the comprehensive use cost is lower and the maintenance requirements are less.   3. Quieter operation: Compared with diesel-powered straddle carriers, SPEO electric container straddle carriers run more quietly and have no noise pollution.   4. Lower maintenance requirements: Compared with diesel-powered straddle carriers, since the batteries and motors are maintenance-free, maintenance requirements and downtime are reduced.   5. More user-friendly: The SPEO electric container straddle carrier has less vibration, no diesel smell, and greatly improves the operator's comfort.   Since the power of fuel straddle carriers belongs to traditional engine power, not only high energy consumption, pollution, but also complicated and cumbersome maintenance. With the current development of battery technology, electric straddle carriers will gradually replace fuel straddle carriers in the future. This is the trend of the times and is inevitable. Are you ready?
What is Straddle Carrier
What is Straddle Carrier
The straddle carrier was developed on the basis of the original forklift series products in the 1950s. With the continuous updating of the products by the manufacturer, the container straddle carrier came out in the mid-1960s. The container straddle carrier is a mechanical device that integrates horizontal short-distance transportation, container stacking, and loading and unloading of container trucks. It is widely used in transfer station storage yards, etc. Compared with container trailers and automatic guided vehicles, it is more active and can independently load and unload containers; compared with gantry-type handlers and tire-type cranes, it has better mobility and flexibility.   A container straddle carrier is usually composed of a portal frame, power and transmission system, hydraulic system, electronic control system, container spreader and hydraulic lifting system, as well as steering, driving and braking systems, etc., which can realize door-to-door loading and unloading. According to the structure of the car body, it is mainly divided into three types: straddle carrier without platform and shared structure for straddle transportation and loading and unloading, straddle carrier with platform and shared structure for straddle transportation and loading and unloading, and straddle carrier with platform and straddle transportation and dedicated structure for loading and unloading.   According to different functions and heights, it is mainly divided into stacking straddle carriers and transport straddle carriers. The stacking container straddle carrier has a large frame structure and can stack two to four layers of containers. It is mainly used for horizontal transportation and stacking operations; the transport type container straddle carrier generally can only stack one layer of containers, so it is mainly used Horizontal short-distance transportation between docks and yards. In recent years, some large enterprises and research institutes have also successively researched and developed container straddle carriers, and their functions and operating speeds have also undergone new developments.
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