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SPEO SC, safe and convinient, with extreme performance


Latest company news about SPEO SC, safe and convinient, with extreme performance

With the development of the container transportation industry, some advanced container handling machinery and equipment came into being. The SPEO container straddle carrier has many uses, flexible maneuverability, quick container alignment, and high loading and unloading efficiency. It can not only lift and unload, but also horizontally transport short distances.


In recent years, SPEO container straddle carriers have been widely used in various fields.


The container straddle carriers produced by SPEO Co., Ltd. are powered by efficient diesel-electric units and feature excellent maneuverability, good maneuverability and easy maintenance. A spacious, ergonomic cab and an intuitive user interface ensure operators benefit from an optimal driving experience that helps increase productivity.


Hydraulic steering system for excellent control of the machine touching the driving surface and loading and unloading containers. The steering system precisely aligns the wheels, ensuring directional stability and reducing tire wear.


The quality and safety of the whole hoisting process are controllable, and the operation is more economical than the reach stacker. Equipped with a dedicated spreader, it is more convenient and flexible to use, and the lifting and handling efficiency is greatly improved. In addition, the whole machine can also be equipped with an anti-collision system and a 360 panoramic imaging system to ensure safe and reliable driving operations.


And it can be customized according to customer needs, tailor-made to meet the solutions of different scenarios. The SPEO container straddle carrier is safe and convenient, with extreme performance. Let it handle all the loading and unloading of containers in logistics companies, warehouses, terminals, container yards, freight yards, dangerous goods and other places!

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